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******Our album Different Lonesome is now available to buy here****** 


It is also available as a full 12 track digital download from bandcamp for £6.00



Formed in the summer of 2009, Red Pine Timber Co. originally set out as a ‘loose’ collective of musicians led by former Southpaw Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Gavin Munro.

After a successful stream of Scottish dates, Red Pine Timber Co. has settled into a more fixed line-up, consisting of:


Gavin J.D. Munro - Vocals and Guitar 

Dave Shaw - Upright and Electric Bass 

Mikey Maclennan - Drums 

Dave MacFarlane - Fiddle 

Katie Whittaker - Vocals

Felix Milan - Saxaphone 

Chris Marshall - Trombone, Harmonica and Vocals

Stewart Methven - Guitar, Mandolin, Lap and Pedal Steel


Playing an eclectic mix of Americana and Country influenced originals, Red Pine Timber Co. have developed their unique sound within this genre mostly due to the inclusion of the Saxophone and Trombone within the instrumentation (yes...amazingly this mix does work). Coupled with the somewhat contrasting musical backgrounds and talents of each band member, the combination blends tastefully in supporting songwriter Munro.






March 2014 will see Red Pine Timber Company release their stunning debut album entitled DIFFERENT LONESOME, one of the finest debut albums I’ve heard in a long time.

Red Pine Timber Company cut logs and keep their chainsaws clean. At night they drain the still, sit on the stumps and weave gothic tunes of love and loss: born from their Scottish roots and the woods that surround them. The band was formed in Perth, Scotland in the summer of 2009 to honour a gig at the Perth’s Southern Fried Music Festival by ex-Southpaw front man Gavin J.D. Munro.  Gathering a loose collective of like-minded musicians, Munro took to the stage with an 11-piece band and a handful of new songs. The gig was well received and Red Pine Timber Company was born.

The band has plied its trade for the last 4 years throughout the highlands and islands of Scotland with a fluid line up honing and sharpening their live performance and building a strong fan base. Red Pine Timber Company have now evolved in to a core 8 piece band of buskers, seasoned pros and novices; indiscriminate of age, gender or nationality.  They play a blend of Country Americana with a Celtic twist which has been described as bourbon matured in whiskey barrels, subverting the absurdity of a Scottish band playing American music, by meaning it. 

The common link between the diverse members of Red Pine Timber Company is a love of roots music and performing it. This is truly a band formed on that ethos alone with a manifesto to spread the word throughout the land of the music's righteous powers to salve the human condition, whilst having a Hooley doing it. Red Pine Timber Company has self-financed their debut album which will be released in March 2014. 

The band’s name was inspired by Munro's teenage band "The Last Red Pine Trees" and his current employment as a truck driving lumberjack delivering fire wood. 

The songs on the album are a mixture of murder ballads, songs of betrayal and loss, gospel songs and songs about Spanish brothels. The album covers the whole gamut of Saturday night sinning and Sunday morning salvation. Our goal is to take our music further afield to reach a wider audience, finance a second album, which has already been demoed, and to buy a tour bus! Enjoy...


Contact Information:


Red Pine Timber Co. are currently playing at various venues accross Scotland, please check our gig page for venues near you! The début album Different Lonesome released 10th March 2014


For all interview requests, please contact James Soars, contact details below

Tel. 01536 720245/07758781032





The following two clips have come from the Red Pine Timber Co. archives and feature some good friends of ours. These are early versions of two songs that will soon be available to buy/download.